About Me

These stories will all, eventually, be told in more detail.

Here is my life's story: I was born in Columbus, Ohio the same year that Pink Floyd released Dark Side of the Moon; in addition to Ohio, I have lived in Utah, Seattle, New York City, Northern Japan, Michigan, Colorado, and Hawaii; I have a wife and three daughters; I have managed to touch a shark, been charged by a rhinoceros, hiked to Mt. Everest, gotten frostbite on both my feet, eaten live fish, watched a man die, been to all 50 states, been punched out by a two-year-old, watched the sun set on Mt. Fuji, been in a store that was taken over by gunmen, heard the roar of a tiger while hiking in the jungle, mastered the art of barbeque, killed an octopus with my bare teeth, stood alone in St. Mark's Square in Venice, watched the ball drop on New Year's Eve in Times Square, Viewed Lenin's pasty corpse in Red Square, participated in a police chase, been gassed in the subway, picketed to save the whales, lived through an earthquake, a tsunami, and a volcanic eruption; and I am currently a professor of political science at Brigham Young University-Hawaii.